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Equestrian Art, lifestyle and care to our horses is not bound to a place on the outside. It's the passion for horses we need to foster inside ourselves.  Thanks to modern technology, we can take education home to us - wherever we are, even beyond the Polar Circle. Equidemia offers you multiple resources for online education. Mix and Match, and find your flow. But careful: Addiction is guaranteed   
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Do you want more?

Each year, I am offering a Masterclass in Academic Art of Riding. This is for you who wants to dive deep into the topic.
The class takes up to 14 riders, and is open for Theorie students. (Don't worry, you'll also get homework ;-)).
Included is one Theorie webinar and one practical training weekend day per month. Recordings are online for the whole year the Masterclass runs. You will also get member in the masterclass forum, for discussing and sharing with your friends.
Send me your application to

"Equidemia Masterclass 2023 "

Fitting packages for your wishes!
  • Only Theorie
  • Mini Abo (one lesson, during the training day)
  • Mini Plus (two lessons during the training day)
  • Medi Abo (one training day lesson, one extra)
  • Maxi Abo (one training day lesson, 3 extra) 
Enjoy the Journey!